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        Shandong Utai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2012, is located in the north coast Bincheng area six offices in Phoenix Road, is a new private chemical companies, registered capital of 600 million yuan. The total investment is 2.8 billion yuan, of which an investment of 1.79 billion yuan to build 1.2 million tons / year aromatics production projects, is listed as one of six key projects, one of 57 key projects and foreshore Binzhou city.
The company 1.2 million tons / year aromatics production projects to fuel oil, naphtha as raw material, through a series of advanced deep-processing technology, using advanced technology to produce benzene, toluene, xylene, heavy aromatics, light aromatics, refined aromatics, LPG , petroleum coke, sulfur and other products. Faced with broad market prospects, Shandong Friends of Thai Technology 1.2 million tons / year aromatics project can realize annual sales income of 16.9 billion yuan, annual profits of 1.27 billion yuan, becoming the largest in northern Shandong aromatics production base.
Shandong Friends of Thai Technology adhere to the people-oriented, Houde dedication, hard work and innovation, civilized and harmonious spirit of enterprise, adhering to customer satisfaction, socially responsible, and promote the purpose of business development, pragmatic innovation, excellence, and strive to become a national leader in the chemical industry, Friends of Thai people realize the dream of the petrochemical industry, and create more and better economic and social value.